I will STAND like a guard to watch and place myself at the tower.
I will WAIT to see what the Lord will say to me.
– Habakkuk 2:1


I had a dream that again confirmed that we’re on the right path with this new project we’ve started.

I was visiting family, and shortly after arriving, the building we were in was attacked and part of it was on fire. Strangely, we were told not to evacuate, but to stay in our portion of the building and wait until it was safe to come out. It was several stories high, and I left my family to investigate who else was in our section.

On each floor, I encountered scared people who wanted to leave, but I assured them that following the instructions of the emergency workers was wisest since we had no idea what was going on in the rest of the building or outside. It was night, and the power was out in the entire city so even looking out the windows was useless.

The higher I went in the building, there were more people – and on the top floor were several meeting rooms filled with people. One meeting was an AA group, and they had pooled their cigarettes together to try not to run out before the all-clear or evac order would be issued. They seemed calm, but told me that if it lasted until their cigarettes ran out, nothing would stop them from disobeying the order and leaving.

The other room was full of foreigners, and I couldn’t do much to comfort them since I didn’t speak their language. I was able to communicate to them to stay put, but they were terrified. Someone started singing.

I was the only one in the stairwell, running between the floors and checking on everyone. The smoke began to filter into the stairwell from the other section of the building, where the fire raged, and light from the firemens’ lanterns gave a strange pink glow from below.

The ordeal seemed to last forever. It became harder and harder to convince people to stay and wait. Things seemed to get worse outside, as we heard more crying and shouting, gunshots and sirens. Some people pushed past me on the stairwell and left, and said they would come back quickly to report to me if they were safe and it maybe was ok for others to leave. They never returned.

I just kept visiting each floor and trying to comfort them and report the little I knew – that our section was still secure, and we had not been cleared to leave. That for now, we were safe if we just waited. The idea of staying in a burning building seemed so unnatural and foolish, and as the smoke began to creep into apartments, it got harder to keep everyone calm.

I woke up from the dream just as the AA group was clamoring for the last few cigarettes and beginning to panic.

The name of this new project?

Stand and Wait.

Habakkuk 2 1That building wasn’t too big that I couldn’t handle it, and it wasn’t the full scope of the crisis occurring in the dream. But it was my sphere of influence and I had my own stairwell to connect me to the people I felt responsible for. For whatever reason, I had full confidence in the emergency workers and was able to confidently reassure people of our safety as long as we obeyed the instructions we were given.

I do believe we are about to enter a spiritually similar situation soon. The instructions we have (the Bible) will seem unnatural and foolish to follow, but doing so will be the only way to assure our safety in a dark and dangerous night.

I’m comforted to be reminded that I don’t have too big of a job in his hour. I may never be a major voice with a great platform, but my stairwell is manageable and my influence adequate to keep the people who listen safe. I trust that there are other stairwells, and other watchmen, caring for the people in their buildings, and their families.

Maybe God is raising you up to be a watchman in this hour. The job is enormous…we can’t have enough! The time for harvest is almost over, and now we are entering the time of endurance.
Matthew 24:13 & 1 Timothy 4:16