I will STAND like a guard to watch and place myself at the tower.
I will WAIT to see what the Lord will say to me.
– Habakkuk 2:1

Origins – Genesis

Mapping: Creation

Alpha & Omega Study Chapter 2 February 9, 2017 Mapping: Creation What was created when? Read Genesis 1 using the notes page and fill in the blanks. We’ll be coming back to this chapter many times throughout the course of this study. We will review this together in the Chapter 3 video. Download or View […]

Why Does Genesis Matter?

Alpha & Omega Study Chapter 1 Recorded February 2, 2017 Why Does Genesis Matter? Welcome to week one of this [rebooted] worldview/apologetics study with Mikayla Kayne. Sit in with our study group, and learn why it very much matters what we believe about how life and the universe came into being. These classes are being […]